Letter to the stakeholders.

Pordenone Fiere confronts social reporting by publishing its first Sustainability Report
The Sustainability Report is the document with which a company reports on its sustainability initiatives and performances (environmental, social and economic).
Pordenone Fiere has decided to draw up its first Sustainability Report with the aim of communicating the initiatives of our company to protect the environment, the approach it adopts towards workers, its relationship with the territory and the local community.

We trust that the Sustainability Report represents the most important tool for an open dialogue with stakeholders.

Through this Report, Pordenone Fiere approaches all its stakeholders in an innovative way, communicating to the territory, and involved stakeholders, that our company takes an active role in social responsibility operating both economically and socially.

To inform stakeholders and the general public that the value of the Pordenone Fiere business is different from being merely profit-driven.

To communicate that Pordenone Fiere prefers to use mainly local suppliers.

To make employees more and more loyal, as they play an essential in the company, increasing their already very high sense of belonging.
Finally, to dialogue more and better with the local community and to bring together in a more effective way  Fair and the local territory.

We wish to thank the women and men of Pordenone Fairs that share, promote and live our values every day and that have allowed us to achieve these results. It is thanks to them that Pordenone Fiere will continue its path of growth, knowledge and innovation, to be able to represent a valuable engine of growth of the entrepreneurial heritage and a crucial element of development and sustainability for this territory.

Ing. Renato Pujatti
Presidente Pordenone Fiere S.p.a