Exhibition Center General Regulations

June 22 2020


Art. 1 – Since 1947, on a yearly basis, various product exhibitions have been organized in Pordenone, with the goal to develop a market able to represent the national production, to publicize consumption, to increase the sale of certain products, to launch the innovations in the sectors that characterize it, which will improve and increase Industry, Agriculture and Crafts and will expand commercial traffic and domestic tourism, particularly in the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. In this Regulation, Pordenone Fiere Spa will be hereafter quoted as “Fiera” or “Exhibition Management”. Firms or persons – individual or associated – applying to participate or who are eligible to exhibit in any event organized by the Fiera, will be referred to as “Applicant”, “Exhibitor” or “Participant.”


a) Exhibition Registration – Products – Stands – Payments.

Art. 2 – To be admitted to the various events, applicants must submit a request by filling in the form available at www.fierapordenone.it and selecting the event of interest, in the section “Exhibitors – Events and Services”, then accessing the link of the event of interest.

It is necessary: to fill in the forms and sign them in completely, including enclosures; to indicate the various products to be exhibited, listing them explicitly in detail without the addition of expressions or locutions that lead to broad interpretations; to list – if the application is forwarded by sales representatives, dealers or agents – the Companies stood for, along with their addresses and respective products. The Application Form constitutes an irrevocable attendance contract proposal for the applicant and can be considered as accepted by Pordenone Fiere Spa only by sending of the Confirmation of Participation. Pordenone Fiere Spa reserves the right, at its discretion, to accept or refuse the Application Form for the Exhibition. In case of non-acceptance of the Application, Pordenone Fiere Spa is not required to disclose the reasons why or to pay any compensation-for-damages indemnity, besides a reimbursement of the advance eventually paid. If the exhibitor has received the offer of Participation from Pordenone Fiere Spa, the admission will follow the acceptance of the same offer. In any case, the Confirmation of Participation will follow.

The Offer of Participation, which is sent by Pordenone Fiere Spa to the exhibiting firm, constitutes a contract proposal. This will only be accepted at the return of the original to Pordenone Fiere Spa, by fax or by PEC, duly signed in all its parts. A Participation Offer returned with modifications, will never be counted as an acceptance, and, in this case, Pordenone Fiere Spa reserves on the reformulation of a new offer.


Art. 3 – Special negotiations or agreements with third parties, even if agents of the Fiera, and any additional charges, advance payments and added rights must be individually ratified by the Exhibition Management, which alone has the authority to collect and release its receipt.


Art. 4 – Only the commitments made by the legal representatives of the Fiera, or by the official employees of Pordenone Fiere Spa, are valid, appointed for this purpose.


Art. 5 – The registration to the Fiera and the granting of stands (in halls or closed buildings or in open areas) requires payment of a registration fee and participation fees per sqm. as determined by the Fiera for the entire duration of the event. For particular locations or “stands” already fitted out, the Exhibition Management may determine increased rates. The payment arrangements will be governed by the specific regulation of each event. The right to occupy the stand, to receive the entry passes and the exit permit from the event is granted only by respecting the payment terms established by contract.


Art. 6 – Exhibit areas are made available to exhibitors, according to the description in the “Exhibitor’s Guide”, which will be sent to these in good time for the exhibit spaces setup.


Art. 7 – The full or partial transfer – even free of charge – and the sublet of the stands is strictly forbidden. It is also forbidden to display any product which is not in the application form, or is made by another manufacturer, and also to display used or rebuilt products. Disregard of these rules will entail the closure of the stand for reasons caused by the Exhibitor, without refund of fees paid for any reason and subject to compensation for any and all damage.


Art. 8 – The exhibition areas not occupied by the time indicated in the “Expositor’s Guide” will be unquestionably assigned by Pordenone Fiere Spa to third parties. Also any stand left unattended or in conditions of apparent negligence during the Exhibition will be regarded as abandoned and the Exhibition Management will dispose of them at its sole discretion without giving any refund on the impending contractual obligations on the Expositor, first of all the full payment of the rate.


Art. 9 – In the case of revocation or withdrawal, the Fiera reserves the right to act legally upon compensation for damage, as well as on the right to assign the stands that have been renounced or abandoned for any reason or cause to third parties, and to require the full payment contractually due.


Art. 10 – The stands are assigned according to product type and general arrangement of the exhibition. Pordenone Fiere Spa will seek, wherever possible, to meet the preferences, related to the type and size of the stand, indicated by the exhibitor in the application form. However, these preferences are not binding and may or may not be accepted by Pordenone Fiere Spa in accordance with the exhibition planning requirements. Pordenone Fiere Spa will have the right to move or reduce a stand already allocated, or to transfer it to another exhibition area. This will not give the participant any right to compensation or indemnity of any kind. All this shall be duly communicated.


Art. 11 – The stands must be kept open and the Exhibitor or his/her representatives must be present during the opening hours to the public and throughout the exhibition period. The Exhibition Management declines all and any responsibility stemming from non-compliance to this provision.


Art. 12 – It is forbidden to remain at the stands or within the exhibition perimeter during its closing hours, unless specifically authorized by the Exhibition Management.


Art. 13 – At the end of the Exhibition, the displayed products and the installation material may not be removed from the Fiera area without the prior issue of an “Exit pass”, which is to be requested to the Exhibition Management. This “Exit Pass” will in no case be issued to Exhibitors that have not yet provided for the amount due to Pordenone Fiere Spa, for entry rates, technical supplies, advertising, etc. The removal of products and materials, however, is strictly prohibited during the Exhibition; this will be allowed, only exceptionally and with a reasoned written request, by the issue of a special “Exit Permit”.


Art. 14 – The Exhibitor is required to hand back the stand, within the deadline set for dismantling, in the same condition it was received.


Art. 15 – The clearance of all the products on display and any other material may begin only after the closing of the Exhibition, from the day and time set out in the “Exhibitor’s Guide”; failing that, the Exhibition Management may directly proceed with the removal of the Exhibitor’s goods, with the power to break down doors and locks, without the Exhibitor being able to request any advance for compensation.


Art. 16 – Pordenone Fiere Spa, even without taking on custody obligations, commitments or responsibilities of any kind, can provide an 24h general surveillance service in the areas devoted to the Exhibition.

Pordenone Fiere Spa is exempt from any custody charge on all products, materials, equipment, machinery etc. introduced at the Exhibitors’ stands; in the event of theft or damage of the same, due to causes not attributable to force majeure, either during the preparation, execution and dismantling of the Exhibition, no responsibility can be attributed to Pordenone Fiere Spa.

The custody and surveillance of the exhibition spaces or of the products exhibited therein are the exclusive responsibility of the individual Exhibitors, for the entire duration of the Exhibition, both in the setting up and dismantling phases.


b) Catalog and Advertising.

Art. 17 – Pordenone Fiere Spa even without assuming commitments or responsibilities of any kind, reserves the right to take care of printing, directly or by means of specialized companies, the printing of an official Catalogue of the Exhibition or a Guide for the Visitor, containing the indications of the applications received and accepted by the date indicated in the specific regulations of each event, following the Provisions of Law 196/03 as amended and EU Regulation no. 2016/679 (GDPR).

Pordenone Fiere Spa declines all responsibility for the distribution of the Catalogue or the Guide and for errors in the content itself resulting from incorrect filling in of the forms by the Exhibiting Company or from typographical errors.

Pordenone Fiere Spa has the right to reproduce, in whole or in part, the list of all the Exhibitors in other publications of various kinds or on electronic and web formats.


Art. 18 – Exhibitors may advance request to carry out – on the occasion of the Exhibition and in its precincts – all those forms of advertising which, meeting the presentation needs of their activities, the Exhibition management will consider suitable for advertising purposes in an Exhibition.


Art. 19 – While exhibitors enjoy complete freedom of advertising within their stands, outside the exhibition area assigned, all forms of propaganda or advertising must be agreed upon with Pordenone Fiere Spa. The exhibitors may not use any form of advertising that causes disturbance or involves direct comparison with other exhibitors, or which has a negative effect in any way on the spirit of trade hospitality of the Exhibition.

All promotional activities involving a comparison between exhibitors and / or with other exhibition centres are in any case strictly forbidden.

Promotional activities which, directly or indirectly, are aimed at promoting and / or advertising initiatives of other exhibition centres are also prohibited.


Art. 20 – All forms of propaganda or advertising inside the Exhibition Centre must be carried out through the Exhibition Management. All statements or advertisement events made outside the stand areas are subject to the payment due, as determined by the fees denoted by the Exhibition Management.

Distribution of flyers is strictly prohibited.


Art. 21 – The Exhibition Management reserves the sole right to move, limit or even eliminate the advertising installations, in case of special or specific technical needs, service needs, or any other reason or cause, while the Exhibitor has no right to recourse.


c) Technical Services.

Art. 22 – Pordenone Fiere Spa will provide a general lighting system. The electricity and water installations in the exhibition spaces, where not provided, will be a responsibility of the individual Exhibiting Companies. Refunds for the use of electricity, motive power and water will be calculated on the basis of the requests made, subject to the discretion of Pordenone Fiere Spa to perform all the inspections deemed necessary.


Art. 23 – Within the exhibition center, subject to the availability of plant equipment for water and electricity supply, the Exhibitor may request their provision using special forms and this within the deadline set in the same form. Such requests are, to all intents and purposes, binding for the Exhibitor. If the allocated space has no outlets for the use of the services required by the exhibitor after the participation confirmation, Pordenone Fiere Spa can either arrange a different stand location or organize the implementation of the required connections, at the Exhibitor’s sole expenses as long as it is not precluded by technical or safety reasons.


Art. 24 – The Exhibition Management declines any responsibility for accidents, damages or injury or anything else that may occur to people or things from illegal connections to power lines, or as a result of short circuits caused or that could occur during set up, dismantling as well as during the actual exhibition.


Art. 25 – Exhibitors may participate in the Exhibition displaying, as samples, even moving machinery, as long as there is no danger or nuisance. Exhibitors concerned should declare this in advance in the Application Form, subjecting themselves to all the legal regulations regarding accident protection. The same also applies for pressure, flame and compressed gases equipment, including coffee machines. Exhibitors concerned must in any case enforce all precautions and devices to prevent accidents and fire, to mitigate noises, to eliminate bad odors and to prevent gas or liquid discharge. The Exhibition Management disclaims any and all liability in this regard, as it considers that the Exhibitor has complied with the prescribed rules, including the conclusion of the insurance policy against accidents and civil liability.


Art. 26 – All existing technical equipment in the stands or in the vicinity of them (electrical power sockets and water outlets, devices for the window opening, etc.) in any case have to be visible and accessible, as the opening of doors and windows has to be possible.


d) Equipment and Furnishings 

Art. 27 – The exhibition spaces in the open area,  are normally made available without setting up and furnishing and it is up to the Exhibitor to provide at his care and expense. Any change in the space or spaces to be held shall be taken up by the person concerned and must have the prior authorization of the Fiera.


Art. 28 – The set-up of the stands should be realized in conformity with the provisions of this Regulation. The exhibitor will have to set up the stand within the space allocated that is usually identified with tapes or marks on the floor. Exhibitors must set up in a manner that does not hinder the appearance or visibility of nearby stands, or cause any damage to the nearby stands. The maximum height should be of 4.00 meters, without prejudice to what is written in the “Exhibitor’s Guide”. Platforms higher than 80 cm are considered “non-standard stands”. The “non-standard” projects concerning the set-up of stands exceeding m. 4.00 in height must always be subjected to the approval of Pordenone Fiere Spa at least thirty days before the exhibition. The construction of a stand with raised platforms, terraces or two or more floors is permitted subject to the approval of the project by the Pordenone Fiere Spa. The exhibitor is responsible for the stability of the set-up, exempting Pordenone Fiere Spa from any responsibility for design or construction defects. The Fair reserves the right to modify or to remove the exhibits being set up or having been carried out without approval, or those which do not meet the requirements of decorum, safety and fire prevention, and as such the organizational requirements of the Exhibition. The Exhibitor commits not to introduce exhibition materials, components, decorations and lights not compliant with current regulations in the Fairgrounds. The Exhibitor agrees, as a condition for participating in the exhibition, to provide the Fiera with certificates of competence issued by the manufacturers of everything displayed and of the materials used for the display.


Art. 29 – For stand set-up Exhibitors may use entrusted companies, provided that their employees meet all the current workplace safety standards. Any kind of packaging or material not intended for the exhibition must be removed by the time specified in the “Exhibitor’s Guide.”


Art. 30 – Access to the fairgrounds is permitted to the Exhibitors of the current Exhibition, to the related stand builders during the set-up and dismantling times, and to authorized personnel, within the time limits established by the Exhibition Centre for each event.

Those who enter the fairgrounds are obliged to promptly and dutifully follow the requirements and provisions issued by the Exhibition Centre in these regulations and in the regulations of the individual events, as well as those given with specific signs, with written notices and with any other means with the clarification that the press releases and the instructions given by the staff prevail over the notices, as well as all the regulations in force at the date of signing the Participation Agreement and those that should be issued in the executive phase of the relationship, with particular but not exclusive reference to the protocols to be adopted to contain the spread of pandemics-epidemics.

The access of the vehicles is allowed, through the authorized driveways, only to vehicles equipped with a specific authorization. Parking of vehicles within the exhibition centre area will be allowed only in the appropriate spaces (with display of the access document) and no later than the closing time of the exhibition centre. In the event of non-compliance with the aforementioned provisions, the Exhibition Management may remove the vehicle from the neighborhood, at the risk and expense of its owner and the holder of the access authorization to the exhibition centre.


Art. 31 – During the setting-up and dismantling phases, parking of vehicles inside the exhibition center must be strictly limited to the goods-loading and unloading operations and will be allowed in the spaces nearby the halls. Vehicles are not allowed to park later than the Fairgrounds closing time. In case the vehicle access inside the pavilion is necessary for the unloading of particularly bulky materials, the vehicles must be parked with the engine off or be equipped with a special pipe for the external discharge of the fumes, to limit the presence of harmful gases.

Continuous parking inside the pavilions is not allowed.


e) Equipment and Procedures Security Issues 

Art. 32 There is an extensive network of utilities beneath the Pordenone fairground. Therefore, it is forbidden to excavate and make holes, to drive nails, to cause unusual stress on floors with loads, vibration, etc. It is forbidden to connect to the plant autonomously. Only the service sockets of the electrical system can be used during fitting and dismantling, within the power limits indicated. Special attention shall be paid when using them during the positioning of any extensions, which must not interfere with the viability of the fairground, and must be adequately protected; the same applies to the use of multiple sockets, which should ensure – in accordance with specific safety legislation – the impossibility of getting in contact with live parts without the use of special equipment. During the stand disassembly phase, it is necessary to verify that the electrical system power be disconnected. Loads must not be applied to raised structures. If particularly heavy vehicles or materials have to get in, thus determining an overload of more than 500 kg-sqm, the Technical Office of Pordenone Fiere Spa must be informed, in order to verify the static compatibility with the flooring and lofts. Access to raised sections must be authorized and preceded by appropriate coordination which also provides the technical measures to be taken to ensure the safety of the personnel involved. It is forbidden to enter the halls with transport vehicles other than forklifts and electric platforms. Bringing explosive, detonating, asphyxiating or otherwise dangerous materials into the Exhibition Centre, as well as lighting fires and introducing or using compressed or liquefied gas cylinders is forbidden. It is forbidden to leave machinery or motor vehicles with a full tank of fuel inside the Halls.


Art. 33 – Given the simultaneous presence of several operators in the same working environment, every company shall ensure that no operations, which may represent a hazard for the people present, are performed. The operations must not occupy facilities outside the relative areas or stands; if this is not possible, for proven technical requirements, escape routes must always be kept clear and the company using facilities outside its stand must check that this fact doesn’t endanger other workers. It is forbidden to accumulate processing waste material; as it is produced, the company is responsible for its removal. The operations of each company shall not constitute a hazard to other workers. In regards to the use of vehicles or forklifts inside the Fairground, the companies must strictly abide by the present regulations and prohibitions. The speed should always be lower than 10 km/hour. In case of prolonged stops, the engine must be switched off. It is compulsory to park only in parking areas and, above all, escape routes or passages must be kept free from parking. It is forbidden to obstruct the emergency exits with a parked vehicle. It is forbidden to leave dangerous tools or equipment unattended to avoid the risk of personal injury through contact. All instruments left unattended at the stand for particular reasons must be deactivated. The emission of smoke, dust and noise may be performed only within the levels allowed by law. Because of the simultaneous presence of several workers, companies are reminded that the supply of personal protective equipment to their employees in compliance with the law with regard to the generation of dust or noise cannot guarantee respect of the law due to the presence of workers from other companies.


Art. 34 – Pordenone Fiere Spa is equipped with its own fire-fighting team and fire equipment (fire extinguishers, hydrants, etc.). Therefore, in case of a hazardous situation, the fire-fighting team must be notified immediately by means of fire alarms located throughout the Exhibition Centre. In case of fire, besides alerting the staff as described above, each owner or manager must ensure that every worker keeps calm and follows any instruction from the staff in charge. Should evacuation orders be given, all workers/visitors must avoid running or screaming, must avoid using elevators and must direct themselves to the nearest marked emergency exit.


f) Damages – Insurances – Surveillance. 

Art. 35 – The Exhibitor is responsible for all damage caused to persons or things by products on display, by stand fittings, by water and electrical system installations, by constructions, by mounted publicity, by means of transport used, by machines put into function, and by personnel employed by the Exhibitor. It is the Exhibitor’s duty to be insured against all risks (theft, fire, infiltration and water fall damage, breakage, collapse, accident, third part liability, etc.).


Art. 36 – The Exhibitor (for themselves and for their employees or staff appointed to work for them) must in any case explicitly exonerate Pordenone Fiere Spa from any responsibility due to loss or damage that may occur for any reason within the allocated exhibiting space and to any material there located for the duration of the Event or during set-up or dismantling operations, and will be responsible for any damage caused even to third parties by running the exhibiting space along with any material therein.  Pordenone Fiere Spa doesn’t take the liability upon itself for any consequential losses, reputational damage, loss of revenues, etc.


Art. 37 – During the opening hours of the halls and of the outdoor exhibitions, the Exhibitor must supervise, either directly or by means of employees and/or collaborators, his/her stands and the products displayed. The staff responsible for the stands must behave accordingly and be sufficiently prepared for the necessary contacts with the public. The Exhibition Management reserves the right to take back the entry card and to expel the Exhibitor’s staff in case of misbehavior or non-compliance to ordinary civil conduct from the Exhibition Centre.


g) Industrial Property.

Art. 38 – Both the products and the goods on display, and the stands that contain them may not be photographed, filmed, drawn or otherwise reproduced without written authorization of the participants concerned and Pordenone Fiere Spa.

The latter, however, reserves the exclusive right for any reproduction by means of photography, video, drawing and more, both of the fair complex and of the individual exhibition spaces. Only photographers / videomakers authorized by Pordenone Fiere Spa can operate inside the pavilions. These photographers / videomakers will collect and process photographic video images and / or interviews also relating to products, machinery, exhibited materials and / or authorial material of which the Exhibitor is the owner and / or producer and / or licensee, for the sole purpose of dissemination or corporate communication, advertising and promotional purposes, in particular, by way of example and not limited to, through dissemination in newspapers, newsletters, website, profiles social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) etc. By signing the Participation Agreement, the Exhibitor expresses his explicit consent to said filings and their use, without claiming any financial compensation.

The Exhibitor assumes all responsibility regarding the ownership of rights on trademarks and other distinctive signs, patents, industrial inventions, industrial models, copyrights inherent to the products and / or machinery displayed. Therefore, the Exhibitor releases Pordenone Fiere Spa from any burden and liability in the event of violation of the aforementioned rights and in any case in any case of violation of the rules to protect competition both against other Exhibitors and towards third parties in general. Any disputes in this regard between Exhibitors and third parties must therefore be resolved between them, with the exemption of Pordenone Fiere Spa from any burden and / or liability.


h) Procedure of Access to the Fairground 

Art. 39 – In order to access the exhibition centre, each Exhibitor must send Pordenone Fiere Spa, by filling in the appropriate forms provided in the Exhibitor’s reserved area or by e-mail, the list of its employees and / or collaborators who will participate in the preparation of the stand and to the Exhibition, as well as the list of vehicles that will enter the fairgrounds. For each of them Pordenone Fiere Spa will provide an individual name pass and a pass for each vehicle.

The Exhibitor who will use an external company to set up the stand must also communicate to Pordenone Fiere Spa, always through his own reserved area or via e-mail, the name of the company in charge and the list of employees / collaborators who they will carry out the work and the vehicles that enter the neighborhood. Pordenone Fiere Spa will provide the Exhibitor with individual passes for each employee / collaborator and the passes for each vehicle of the contracting companies in charge.

The entrance to the exhibition centre for set-up and dismantling operations can only take place from the entrances, on the days and times provided for by the Fair and indicated in the “Exhibitor’s Guide”.


i) Other Provisions


Art. 40 – The Companies which have been appointed “Official Fiera Electrician” or “Official Fiera Plumber” and in any case every other contractor, including those called into the Fiera by the Exhibitors, are obliged to comply strictly to this Regulation.


Art. 41 – Complaints of any kind, relating to the organization and conduct of the Exhibition must be submitted in writing to Pordenone Fiere Spa, under penalty of forfeiture, no later than the closing day of the exhibition itself.


Art. 42 – Access to the Fiera will be regulated by special provisions. Pordenone Fiere Spa will unquestionably determine the entry-ticket price for visitors and/or will provide special identification cards for operator admission.


Art. 43 – Each exhibitor is entitled to a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 6 of free permanent entrance passes according to the area occupied. The card will be customized, and as such transfer or loan of it is prohibited. Subscriptions for operators may be issued to the Exhibitor at a reduced price.


Art. 44 – The cards, of any kind, are registered, and must be considered strictly personal: it is forbidden to give them away even temporarily. If appropriate, the organization service staff is authorized to require personal identity documents and to withdraw the card from those holding it illegally. Cards shown at the Fiera entrance control missing the bearer header, or in possession of a person other than the registered holder, will be revoked and neither returned nor substituted.


Art. 45 – Putting protruding objects on the exterior faces of stands is prohibited, as is posting papers and notices on window panes or ruining the equipment provided to the Exhibitor by the Exhibition Management in any way.


Art. 46 – The use of the name “Pordenone Fiere Spa”, with all its simplifications and abbreviations, is prohibited if unauthorized.


Art. 47 – During the course of the Exhibition circulating or stopping with vehicles of any kind is prohibited within the perimeter of the Fiera without a special written permit granted by the Fiera. The introduction of goods in the Exhibition Centre is allowed, by rule, only before the daily opening hours to the public.


Art. 48 – Pordenone Fiere Spa has a general cleaning service for the Exhibition Centre. The Exhibitors have to provide daily to the cleanliness of their stands using their own staff; if the cleaning is not carried out appropriately, the Exhibition Management will provide its own staff, charging the Exhibitor the relative expense. This operation must be completed within an hour of the pavilion closing time. In the Exhibition Centre waste is recycled; all persons who access the Exhibition Centre are also required to throw recyclable waste (paper, glass, plastic etc.) in the specific containers, located in each hall.


Art. 49 – Retail of some goods is allowed in accordance to the specific regulations of each Event. These regulations will also have to be followed by the managers of dining areas, bars, cafes, kiosks etc. along with the terms and conditions specified in each contract with Pordenone Fiere Spa.


Art. 50 – Pordenone Fiere Spa declines all and any responsibility for the services and practices contracted and/or redistributed by suppliers.


Art. 51 – Pordenone Fiere Spa may unilaterally modify the dates of the Exhibition, subject to communication by ordinary e-mail within the number of days specified in the regulations of each Exhibition.

If the shift of the date of the event should be greater than the number of days indicated in the event regulation, the contractual relationship will be automatically resolved on the date on which the previous communication will reach the other Contracting party. Excluding any form of compensation for damages, Pordenone Fiere Spa will reimburse the Exhibitor any amounts already paid.

Pordenone Fiere Spa may also unilaterally cancel or suspend the conduct of the Exhibition.

In the event that the Event has not yet started, excluding any form of compensation for damage, Pordenone Fiere Spa will reimburse the Exhibitor for any amounts already paid.

If, on the other hand, the Exhibition should be suspended after the opening date:

  1. if the suspension should be motivated by force majeure or in any case not attributable to Pordenone Fiere Spa, no refund and / or compensation for damage will be due to the Exhibitor;
  2. in the remaining cases, Pordenone Fiere Spa, excluding any compensation for damage, Pordenone Fiere Spa will reimburse the Exhibitor an amount commensurate with the non-enjoyment.

In none of the previous hypotheses Pordenone Fiere Spa will be required to pay the participant any compensation or indemnity whatsoever. Art. 52 – Pordenone Fiere Spa holds the absolute right to modify the duration and the opening and closing dates of the Event, as well as scheduling the opening and closing hours of the pavilions and of Exhibition Centre access with no right on the Exhibitors behalf to request compensation of any kind.


Art. 53 – Pordenone Fiere Spa will have extensive say in the exclusion, by means of the Fiera Offices or through authorized organizations, of Exhibitors undergoing criminal or administrative procedures regarding the violation of production, trade and competition norms, until the ending of the procedure itself.


Art 54. – Under law “January 16th 2003 n. 3” and of the DPCM of December 23rd 2003, smoking is severely prohibited inside the pavilions and conference halls of the Exhibition Centre. The smoking ban is marked by specific signs on which “VIETATO FUMARE” is written. The offenders will be subject to an administrative penalty ranging from €25.00 to €250.00. The penalty is doubled upon the presence of a visibly pregnant woman and of infants or children under 12 years of age during the act of offense. It is the responsibility of municipal police officers, firefighters as well as Pordenone Fiere Spa workers to enforce the respect of the ban and to ascertain any relative infringement. Smoking is allowed only in the areas outside the exhibition pavilions.


Art. 55 – Exhibitors must strictly comply with these Regulations in each of its articles, with the Exhibition Regulations as well as with all the rules in force at the date of signing the Participation Agreement and with those that may be issued in the executive phase of the relationship, with particular non-exclusive reference to the protocols to be adopted for the containment of the spread of epidemics – pandemics ..

In the face of infringements of the prohibitions of these Regulations, as well as of the Exhibition Regulations or of the provisions issued by the organization, Pordenone Fiere Spa may declare the legal relationship with the Exhibitor terminated as well as exclude the Exhibitor from the Exhibition without the latter having right to any restitution and / or compensation, without prejudice in any case to the right of Pordenone Fiere Spa to compensation for further damage.

In the event of a discrepancy and / or contrast between the provisions of this “General Exhibition Centre Regulations” and those contained in the “Exhibition Regulations”, the latter will prevail in any case.


Art. 56 Pordenone Fiere Spa has approved and adopted the Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree June 8, 2001, n. 231 (hereinafter also “Mog”) and its Code of Ethics, which sets out the ethical principles with which it complies in carrying out its business. These documents can be found on the website www.fierapordenone.it in the appropriate section.

The Exhibitor declares to know the legislation referred to in Legislative Decree 231/2001 and to refrain from conduct suitable for configuring the offenses referred to in the Decree itself (regardless of whether the crime was actually committed or punishable).

Any failure by the Exhibitor to comply with these commitments is considered a serious and therefore legitimate contractual breach of Pordenone Fiere Spa to resolve the existing relationship pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 1453 of the civil code.

Art. 57 – For any controversy, the exclusive jurisdiction is that of Pordenone Court of Justice.