Interview with the Chairman.

Chairman, can we say that Pordenone Fiere has always placed the sustainability of its activities at the centre of its objectives?

Absolutely, in the sense that one of our goals is to support and promote the local economy through the development of trade fairs and congress activities with a consequent growth in the turnover generated in the local system and an improvement in the qualification of the operators present in the territory.
Sustainability is, moreover, a constantly evolving path in which one must study and scrutinize one’s own possibilities, capacities and limits, acquiring a deep awareness thanks to a continuous debate with stakeholders.

In the last ten years the sensitivity and the common interest towards the theme of sustainability have increasingly taken root: has this evolution led to a need for a more sustainable management of its activities and a willingness to reduce the negative impacts?

It is a paramount concern to engage in the organization, planning and implementation of one’s activities so as to leave a positive legacy for one’s community, especially the local one, not only present, but also future, striving for a balanced approach to economic activities, social services and environmental responsibilities and to social progress. We are confident we are on the right track: in these years we have optimized the investment of our resources, we have reduced waste in the economic and environmental fields, we have managed the negative impacts on the environment and we have obtained approval for our work by all our stakeholders.

Pordenone Fiere has reached the third edition of the Sustainability Report, an impressive achievement.

An excellent goal for the realization of what, we believe, is the most important multi-stakeholder communication tool. An instrument that innovates, year after year, and grows, just like Pordenone Fiere. I would like to end this brief interview with a short message: today we are following and improving the path undertaken in the past, we are managing and renewing the farsighted vision of success of those who strongly wanted this reality, the reality of Pordenone Fiere, in support of companies of our territory.

The growth in Added Value from 2017 to 2018 is very significant.

It is the evidence of a well-managed company, I wish to remind that the Fair since 2003 has been a joint-stock company and not a public entity. Therefore, its growth takes place in a market context in which the company is not required to procure tenders except for works on buildings owned by the public entity and in which the company is not subject to anti-corruption regulations. In other words, the service of the Fair is not a public service, our company pays the Real Estate Tax and is subject to the de minimis scheme since the EU regulation places trade fair institutions in a market regime.

Ing. Renato Pujatti
Chairman of Pordenone Fiere S.p.a.