From 21 to 23 March 2025

15th Renewable Energy, Energy Saving and Green Building Exhibition.

Trade Show of the Green Economy sectors aiming at the consumers and the operators in Energy Saving, Renewable Energy, Green Building and Sustainable Mobility sectors.


Product Areas:

– Sun: photovoltaic solar systems, solar thermal systems, solar cooling, Accumulators, Inverters.

– Fire: chimney stoves and boiler fireplaces with condensation boilers, wood-fired boilers, pellets and wood chips, wood-fired cookers and thermocooking

– Water and Air: air conditioning and natural cooling, water saving, air and water purification, district heating, micro and small eolic, micro and mini hydroelectric, fume management, conveyance, purification and filtration

– Earth: building blocks, tiles and bricks, green roofs and hanging gardens, natural stones, geothermal plants, geothermal hot water systems, heat pumps

– Saving: low consumption lighting, consumption monitoring, energy certification, home automation and security, micro-cogeneration, thermography and controls, green energy

– Mobility: cars, motorcycles and electric and hybrid bikes, environmentally friendly liquid fuels, hydrogen and fuel cells, car pooling and car sharing

– Comfort: green building and sustainable architecture, prefabricated and wooden houses, windows and doors, underfloor heating, doors and skirting boards, thermal and acoustic insulation, glass and solar shading.


Further information are available at the following link:

Pordenone Fiere
Halls 8 - 9


For professionals and consumers