My Fantastic Pets

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Hosted fair

My Fantastic Pets Pordenone, the pet show

An event for the public where you can discover the right way to approach and relate with your little friend and where the more experienced will become more  knowledgeable to further develop their passion.

The exhibition includes all categories of pets (dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, poultry, small animals and farm animals) as well as all products and services for animals.

In addition to the exhibition, there will be a extensive programme of demonstrations, workshops, educational meetings and events: dog movie casting, dog sitting for visitors, international feline exhibition, aquascaping, goldfish show, Italian chinchilla championship, educational farms and much more.

Visitors are informed that for health-veterinary requirements and for the safety and the health of your 4-legged friends, access to the fair halls is restricted only to animals in possession of a valid HEALTH BOOKLET.

Dogs must be led on a leash with a length not exceeding 1.5 m. Bring a muzzle to be worn in case of risk for the safety of people or animals or upon request of the competent authorities.

Further information are available at the following link:

9.30am - 7.00pm

Pordenone Fiere - Halls 2-4