A subject deeply involved in the development of local socio-economic fabric.

An integral part of Pordenone Fiere’s mission is to create development. The company acts so as its business generates a positive impact, direct and indirect, on the territory, fueling both the labour market linked to the specific skills of the exhibition sector and the related industries.

Pordenone Fiere devotes commitment and grants resources to the growth of the socio-economic fabric in which it operates and to the well-being of the community, which is expressed through its constant consolidation, supported by innovation and projected towards internationalization.

Pordenone Fiere aims to build up dialogue and value by involving the economic and cultural stakeholders of the territory in an innovative and fruitful strategy of valorisation of the same, also including activities and initiatives distinct from the strict exhibition logics and managed outside the exhibition venue.

Further informations are available in the section  Sustainability Report