SICAM 2019 confirms its status as the premier business event for the global furniture industry

November 26 2019

Another success for Pordenone with its top quality exhibitors and relations

SICAM 2019 confirms its status as the premier business event for the global furniture industry

This edition of SICAM consolidated the event held last October in Pordenone. The trade fair’s most significant numbers were confirmed, with 604 exhibitors attending the event again this year. 27% came from abroad, ranging over 32 different countries. The number of the nationalities of visitors grew slightly (109 compared to 104 at last year’s edition). One third of the visitors to SICAM 2019 came from abroad (32% to be precise). The number of companies that sent their professionals to Pordenone also rose slightly to 8,281.

While these key figures contextualise the participation of the global furniture industry at SICAM 2019, some more detailed considerations can be made on the basis of the data collected on the visitors registered. Profiling the visitors to SICAM 2019 by type of activity highlights how the position of company owner/CEO/general manager remains in top place, accounting for 37% of attendees registered. This confirms the statement that “those who matter come to SICAM”, the reason why the Pordenone trade fair can boast one of the highest rates of return of attendees (93% of this year’s exhibitors also attended the previous edition; this is due to the certainty that high profile relations are always created at the event). Professionals in technical, production and purchasing roles made up 21% of visitors, while sales and marketing operators came to 25%. The numbers of designers and interior designers grew further this year. The furniture production sector naturally recorded the highest presence among visitors (43% industrial companies and 22% artisan enterprises), but the trade segment also registered significant numbers, accounting for 26% of attendees.

What becomes clearer every year is that SICAM is quick to get around despite being packed full of content. Hall 10 was added to complete the exhibition area, making approximately 3,500 square metres of additional space available and ensuring the same level of quality and service found in the other areas. The layout of the halls is very easy and clear and the distribution of the flow of visitors from the three entrances favours the visibility and accessibility of all of the stands, enabling the visiting professionals to optimise their time.Indeed, the average time spent at the trade fair this year was 1.28 days (1.17 for Italians and 1.56 for foreign visitors). According to the event organiser Carlo Giobbi, “At SICAM we try to enable everyone to work at their best and to make the most of their time by developing relations and discovering new products, focusing their attention solely and exclusively on the products and business. So we aim to always improve the exhibition proposal, making our services ever more efficient and creating a unique operating experience for all the professionals present with regard to quality and effectiveness. Top quality exhibitors automatically attract top quality visitors and this is evident at SICAM; it is clearly tangible.”

Thus, the international markets respected and awarded this ambitious setting once more this year. One third of visitors came to Pordenone from abroad, both from countries that have historically been most present in the furniture industry (Germany above all, followed by European countries with great tradition, such as Spain, France, Great Britain and Austria) and countries that have grown more recently (China with its clear orientation towards manufacturing quality furniture by drawing on top components and accessories available globally, followed by Russia, Ukraine and Central European countries such as Slovenia, Croatia, Poland and Romania). The Asian component continues to rise among visitors to SICAM, this year amounting to 24% of total foreign visitors (in addition to China, there was also a significant presence from India, Turkey, Iran and Korea).

The consolidated stability in results in terms of exhibitors and visiting professionals, along with their quality and global nature, has become one of SICAM’s clearest strengths. Indeed, the Pordenone event is considered more and more fundamental every year. As Carlo Giobbi explains, “SICAM was basically conceived to be a business event. The more communication technologies enable us to be constantly updated every day on the innovations available on the market, the more important it becomes that strategic decisions can be made at the right time, meeting the players that matter in person and creating dialogue among professionals. This is what happens at SICAM”. The right date and the right place are two factors that the market continues to appreciate in an international trade fair structure that has now found the best overall balance in terms of effectiveness and sustainability for the furniture industry.

And while the organisational team are already beginning to receive confirmations from exhibiting enterprises returning for the next edition, promotional activities for the twelfth edition of SICAM are now underway throughout the world. The date is set for Tuesday October 13th to Friday October 16th 2020 in Pordenone.